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My tow rig is a 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty. It is a long bed extended cab 4x4 with the 5 speed auto and 6.0L diesel engine. Lariet Trim with tha leather interior....yada yada

I was actually looking for my wife a small fuel efficient car when I came across this truck. I know a guy at a local bank who repo's vehicles and asked him if he had any cars he said no but I have a big truck. I said oh... one thing lead to another and next thing I know I have a Ford 6.0. I had like everyone else heard all the bad things about the 6.0 and infact my brother had one and he had the problems everyone talks about.

But I did my research and Fourwheeler Mag actually had written a article busting myths about the 6.0 at the time this truck came along and I felt like for the uses I had the 6.0 would be this truck had 180,000 miles on it already so realiabilty most likely was not a issue.

I have changed of course the oil and tranny fluid, added a coolant filter system, and SCT programmer. I montior engine Vitals with a OBD2 bluetooth Adapater and the Droid Torque App. So far eveything is peachy king! 

I have had the truck for about a year. Now on to the pics!

Old tranny fluid verses new.

Here is the Torque app i use to monitor engine vitals.

Should you run a coolant filter on the 6.0??? Here is what settled to the bottom of a bottle of coolant I had caught from the rad drain.

Coolant Filter System Installed!

I also did what they call the zoodad mod. Basically opening up the rad support infront of theair filter intake tube. See the screen over the hold I cut.

Here is a pic of the ugly thing! lol

You know its me by the clear coat peeling off the hood!

But anyways in a nut shell thats my tow rig. Plans for the future is EGR Cooler Delete. I plan to do this by welding up the down pipe and welding the EGR valve Shut. SCT programmer allows me to turn of the EGR electronically to make everything play nice together.

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