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On Thursday, August 1st, our club has been invited to attend the inaugural open house event for our newly adopted charity, New Beginning Children's Homes.  The location is just east of Centerton.  It was suggested at our club July club meeting that we should meet and caravan to the event to show our support.  I would like to recommend that we meet at 6:30 pm in the parking lot of the old Nunnally Chevrolet dealer in Bentonville and leave from there.  This would put us at the location around 7:00 pm.  I am open to other suggestions but wanted to get this out so we can start making plans to support Ken and his group with their open house.  


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I am planning to go.  Ken mentioned still needing things for the house.  He said they were registered at Walmart.  Click HERE for their registry page.  I thought if some wanted to get something and take it when we go we could just present whatever we have as one gift from the club?  Anyone interested?  This is definately not required or expected to go to the open house, I just thought I would see if there was any interest.

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I'm in.
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Sounds great.  We will take what we can. Any and everything will be appreciated.  Our support in showing up will be most important.


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Pretty sure we will make this


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Reminder about the open house this Thursday.  We wil meet at 6:30.  Don't forget the house warming items if you feel inclined to give.  See everyone on Thursday.


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I am in but I am already in centerton where to meet in centerton

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We will leave B'ville at 6:35.  We can loop through the old Centerton Cafe on the West side of town and pick up any rigs that are parked there.  How does that work?


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