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I have been wanting an off road oriented GPS.  I saw on our trip that Randy was using a tablet. Casey and Randy kinda explained how it worked but I don't fully understand. I have a few questions if you all don't mind.  Did it ever stop receiving when we were out there this weekend?  How does it find the signal and would you worry about it working in high elevation like 13k to14k feet?  Did it have all the trails that we went on already on the GPS app? Can you save way points and your track easily with this set up?  I wasn't going to get anything this soon but a guy at work is selling a Samsung Galaxy (Tab 2, I think)  for a good price and I figured if it will do what I am wanting I would go ahead and get it.  Any other help you all could give me I would apprecitate. Thanks! 

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I use Motion X GPS on an iPad.  Not sure if they have aps for other platforms or not.  GPS is a satelite signal so I don't think elevation would affect it.  I will ocasionally lose the GPS signal but so far never for more than a minute. Motion X does not come with maps so you would have to download them from another source.  I just copy sections from Google Maps and it has 90% of the trails I have done in the Ozark National Forest. I can save way points and you can record your track easily.


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Thanks for the info. Looks like MotionX wont work with the Android. I did find Maverick and Maverick pro GPS that will work with Android. Does anyone know about it? Will it do about the same? Good/bad?

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Or might be a good one?

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