Nathan's Off Road Trailer Build Nathan's Off Road Trailer Build Base Frame Cut and prepped for welding. Supposed to be 2x2, but for some reason they loaded 2.5x2.5 and I started cutting before I realized. Oh well, bigger here is definitely better. 142108636 Base Frame Getting welded...only did 8 of the 16 total welds yesterday. 142108637 Total Frame All peices cut and organized including lid frame and tailgate frame. 1x1 square tube. Now just need to weld it all together. 142108640 Base Frame w/ Supports Still need to weld the supports together. 142713379 Outer Frame Coming together. 142713382 Outer Frame Done Welded together...not to the base. Missing the tailgate section. 142713389 Tailgate 143384600 Tailgate And then there was a tailgate frame. 143384601 Axle and leaf springs...just need mounted. 144200314 Lid frame done, minus center braces to support rooftop tent...need a little more steel to finish. 144200315 144200316 Total upper box frame with lid frame. 144200317 144200318 Mombasa Roof Top Tent Thanks to Randy I have a gently used tent for my trailer...he found it, picked it up and delivered it to my house for me. Awesome guy!!!! 145885826 Filler Plates Welded Welded some filler plates on the front section and ground them down ready for paint. 145885827 Welded Rear Axle Bracket 146041010 Welded Front Axle Bracket 146041011 My Helper 146041012 Full Axle Assemble Installed 146041014 Axle and Tires On 146041015 Base Deck Riveted And the riveting forearms are going to be huge after doing all of these! 147734931 Welded Extra 1x1 For Front Deck Had to have this in order to rivet the front deck down, after thought since I decided to go with rivets. Seem welded them after I took the picture. 147734932 Pintle Hitch Welded a 2x2 inside the 2.5 inch tube to eliminate play and rattle. Found a heavy duty hitch for next to nothing at Tractor Supply. 147734935 "Sooner" Help Testing the deck will hold at least 30 lbs. 147734936 Jack Stand Mounted Welded the circle mount on for the jack of my best welds so far, especially for having to lay down on the ground to do half of it. 147734938 Leveled Out 147734937 Upper Box Frame Finished Welded filler plates in all the tube ends so that I can rivet to the entire frame. Fully ground down and smooth and then drilled holes to attach to base frame. Decided to bolt the box down rather than weld to make the trailer modular if I want to in the future. 147734939 Trim 154697265 Trim work 154697266 Fully functioning lid. 154697267 Finished and awaiting paint! 154697268 Lid 154697269 Tailgate and Lights! 154697270 155463284 155463285 155463286 155463287 Tail Lights 155882503 Painted 155882504 Painted Painted and ready for final touches...lights, chassis coat on the frame, interior paint, roof rack, sliders, fenders. 155882505 Interior being painted 156450510 Tailgate being painted 156450511 156450512 156450513 156450514 156450515 156450516 Painted front platform 156450517 Fenders 156450509 Finished Tailgate 156450518 Functioning sealed. 156450519 156450520 156450521 156450523 156450524 Inside box...cheep carpet for extra protection. 156450525 156450526 156450527 156450528 FINISHED!!! 156450529