Superlift Offroad park Laborday weekend 2012 Superlift Offroad park Laborday weekend 2012 we called it area 51 this is the trail that we helped recover a stranded pick up from. 164621551 Dons 101 164621552 Fun Run 164621553 Richie Richie walking ahead to get some video 164621554 Buckhorn 164621555 Trail food WE took this opertunity to try out some of our trail cooking skills. we are getting ready for an overland trip soon. 164621556 RZR4 on the Rubicon ridge 164621557 the Recovery This is Darrel from the Arkansas Crawlers. He was an asset to us in the recovery of this pick up. The total recovery time for us was 14 hrs. That included two trips to the tire store to replace a blown tire and about 6 hours of winching this 2 wheel drive back to the parking lot. 164621558 At rest 164621559 Buckhorn 164621560 Fun Run 164621562 there are some great views 164621563 RZR4 164621564 RZR4 164621565 Buckhorn 164621566 trail food box and some other stuff 164692200