Moab 2013 Moab 2013 177618013 177618014 177618015 177618016 177618017 177618018 177618019 177618020 177618021 177618022 177618023 177618024 177618025 177618026 177618027 177618028 177618029 177618030 177618031 177618032 177618033 177618034 177618135 177618136 177618137 177618139 177618140 177618142 177618143 Pritchett Canyon This is the end of Pritchett, with the 7 of 12 rigs we started with. 177695473 Behind the Rocks scenery 177695474 Beginning to question my sanity Sofie gives me a concerned look after the Gatekeeper on Golden Spike. She grew less fond of jeeping as the week wore on. 177695475 Just after Gatekeeper on Golden Spike MORE offroad jeep 177695476 Super nice TJ on Behind the Rocks Raelynn Dunsmore is wheeling her TJ and unbeknownst to her is about to take a wild ride off High Dive. She manages to save it and kept on wheeling. 177695477 huge arch on Behind the Rocks 177695478 Another view of Huge Arch 177695479 Following Lunatic on BTR 177695480 Window Arch on BTR 177695481 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695482 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695483 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695484 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695485 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695486 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695487 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695488 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695489 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695490 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695491 Concept Jeeps in Moab 177695492 Using my Safari tie downs for lots of stuff 177695493 Tacoed my sway bar end links strapped my sway bar up with safari straps tie down 177695494 Found another use for my jeep cover The Smittybilt full cab cover on my JK turned out to fit about perfectly on my truck when put on backwards. great protection from the hot desert sun. 177695495 Original Jeep front cab truck 177695496 Very cool rig 177695497 Jeep Pick-up mod 177695498 Vendor Fair Vendor Rigs 177695499 Vendor Fair Vendor Rigs 177695500 Vendor Fair Vendor Rigs 177695501 Vendor Fair Vendor Rigs 177695502 Vendor Fair Vendor Rigs 177695503 Vendor Fair Vendor Rigs and it's for sale!!! 177695504 getting ready to load up and head home 177695505 Sophie finds a comfy spot to ride 177695506 First Day, Golden Spike, ready to rock. 177695508 White knuckle Hill, Behind the Rocks Moab UT 178055908 Raelynn stunt driving on High Dive Moab Ut 178055909 Recovery in action Golden Spike, Moab EJS 2013 178055910 Behind the Rocks, High Dive 178055911 White Knucke Hill Behind the Rocks, Moab UT 178055912 Tippy ledge Behind the Rocks 178055913 Golden Spike, Trailhead EJS 2013, Moab UT 178055914 White Knuckle Hill Behind the Rocks, EJS 2013 178055915 V-Notch on Golden Spike EJS 2013 178055916 188120213