Forwards Overland Trailer build Forwards Overland Trailer build 3D CAD I did first 188306002 Day one parts 188306003 Frame lay out 188306004 Test fit the axel 188306005 added crossmembers 188306006 added skid plate front to rear 188306007 Test fit tanks on the front this will be added later 188306360 Added the rest of the framing 188306059 Added the wood for the inside 188306060 Wood is compleate 188306061 Added insulation 188306062 Added siding 188306063 Added door, windows and roof vent 188306064 Took it to the DMV for plates 188306353 Needed help installing the graphics This is a good friend of mine that installes window tint on commercial buildigs. He had the tools and experience with large sheets of tint. He was glad to lend me a hand with the graphics. 188306354 Graphics done 188306355 RTO 2013 first trip out 188306356 Over look on HWY 7 188306357 a look inside Sleeps two in an area larger than a twin bed but smaller than a full size bed. 188306358 Inside with everything removed The white box is the fridge. I still need to get the inside done in the next few months. 188306359