Larry's Garage Larry's Garage Bone stock and ready to evolve! The dream begins. 63158458 Initial shop stop Lift, bumpers, winch all going on this trip. 63158459 07 JK new smittybilt SRC side armor 62454185 07 JK Smittybilt SRC front bumper and XRC 8 winch. 62454186 O7 JK Skyjacker 4 inch lift with Hydro 7000 shocks 62454187 07 JK Stage 1 in progress Smittybilt SRC rear bumper with shackles 62454188 Skyjacker 4 inch flex, Hydro 7000 shocks 63158457 07 JK Just after initial mods with stock top 62454190 Stage 1 complete Sophie approved! 63158460 07 JK Rubicon Stage 2 complete Just rolled out of the garage with the new XD 795 Hoss Wheels and BFG 315/70 R17. nice improvement over BFG 265/70 R17. No road noise and good handling. 62450960 Looks ready to ROCK! 62450961 a more aggressive stance 62450964 XD series 795 Hoss wheels, BFG 315/70 17 62450963 First trip on the new shoes 63107077 Mudhole was deeper than it looked!! 63107076 2006 Ranger XP 700 midnight red Extremely capable UTV and 2nd farm vehicle. Sold June 08. FUN rig and what a hill climber!! 62454184 2001 Chevy K3500 crew dually MY FAVORITE TRUCK EVER. sold March 09. Wish we still had it. 62454183 1998 Chevy K2500 My other rig. Been in lots of mess'es, always got out! 62452316 2000 VFR pilots view Smooth power and really hugs the corners. Sold March 10. :( 62454182 2000 VFR ready to ride, Corbin GF&L seat. Staintune exhaust, Beetle Bags, zero G dark smoke touring. All now residing in Canada. :( 62454191 No prima donna A nice long scrape from Disney Rocks, loving the rock sliders. 75105187 Flexin in little Blue Capt. Morgan guiding us safely thru! 75105188 JKS front track bar bracket Necessary due to poor design and weld quality of stock 07-08 1/2 front and rear JK track bar mounts. 76958729 JKS front track bar bracket front view, welded in place, steering stabilizer mounted to high position to get it above the drag link and out of harms way. 76958730 River Raider Off Road Skids Oil Pan 83180648 RROR Skids tranny and transfer case 83180649 RROR Skids Transfer Case, increases ground clearance about 2 inches. 83180650 RROR Skids Evap canister, maintains original position but increases clears. 83180651 MY NEW BABY 2004 BMW R1100S, Mandarin Yellow and Graphite Oil Head!!! Arriving end of May. It's here!!!! 5/25/10. YEA!! 83181731 River Raiders T-case skid build up The RR's have been taking quite a pounding, caving in on three occasions under the T-case. 117039351 RR T-case build up Hope to rectify that by welding in a 1/2 x 1" piece of bar-stock to the horizontal and vertical elements along the edge. 117039352 RR - case build-up finished product, ready for testing. 117039353 LED Back-up light Mounted in the triangle formed by the tube ends of my Smittybilt rear bumper, I just drilled the 5/16 bolt hole to connect the bracket, then positioned the light and tightened it down. 144457381 LED light mud flap For my custom mud flap needs I buy the large plain rubber truck flaps at atwoods for like $4 and cut as needed. For this application I simply needed to cut it in the shape of the Smittybilt tube ends on my rear bumper, with a notch for the wiring coming from the reverse light in the tail light. 144457380 LED light mud flap in place The is from the wheel well view. As you can see, I just used several self taping screws with rubber grommets to mount to the Smittybilt tube and protect my light from tire debris. 144457384 Sound bar wiring Pulled the harness out and found the "nick". 144869432 One culprit found Sound bar harness took a little hit during fab, so I pulled the harness, butt ended the cuts, taped everything up and we're back in business on sound and interior lights. 144457385 New flat fenders By leaving my fenders a little wider, I was able to utilized the stock bracing completely, so I anticipate no flapping issues until I tear them off on a rock or tree. 144457386 Bottom view of stock bracing By leaving the stock cut fenders wider, the fiberf 144509463 Engine heat venting When I cut the fenders I noticed this little vent in the wheel well. I'm going to add a little stainless mesh to keep mud and junk out of it and get some better air flow. 144457387 new flat fenders Somewhat in the manner of the PS and others, I made my fender cuts pretty wide to maximize spray protection while adding tire clearance. 144457388 Trimming pinch welds Trimmed pinch welds in wheel well to increase vertical tire clearance as the day approaches for bigger shoes. 144509449 Rear Trimmed JK fenders I think they turned out pretty nice, and they were free! 144509450 Rear fender liners With some judicious trimming I was able to reuse the rear fender liners. I cut them so I could still use the original tabs and they went back in nicely. 144509451 Front view of newly trimmed rear fenders I really think this is a viable alternative to spending hundreds of dollars for aftermarket fenders. 144509453 Running/side marker lights mounted Street Glow LED mini amber bar to fender brace to replace side light lost when trimming fender. Tied into original wiring. 144509452 RSF boatsiders/rockrails Tops view of the new rock rails fabbed by RSF and Co. Boatsiders wraps under frame rails to maximize protection 144509456 RSF Boatsiders/rockrails Bottom view 144509469 Londacre rollbar padding Longacre padding is CE and IMSA approved. Fire retardant and collapses inward rather than dripping. has an adhesive liner, but I'll be wrapping it with Velcro one wrap for a secure fit. 144509457 RSF sport cage 1.75 DOM front cage extension with windshield and dash bars, extends to floor similar to Poison Spyder set-up. 144509458 RSF sport cage rear seat bars 144509459 RST front stinger gusseted into front bumper and existing tube. 144509460 Hydraulic assist steering Nice job of welding by Mr. Bohannon! 144509461 Hydraulic Assist Steering Ram, just happened to have an extra PSC sticker laying around. Same ram as used by those guys. 144509462 Hydraulic Assist Steering Brought to you by the good folks at Redneck Ram! Not much on marketing, but build a nice product. 144509464 Upgrade on the axle RSF welded a 1/4" T-gusset onto my axle long side to strengthen the tube against the jarring of the 156 lb. tire/wheel combo. 144509465 C-gussets and Poly ball joints Bohannon's also added these C-gussets from Poly Performance, and we installed the HD ball joints as well, in prep for Tires 144509466 RSF 1/4" oil pan skid 144509467 RSF oil pan and transmission skid 144509468 Lpod By utilizing some time and basic components, I'm hoping to assemble my Lpod for less than 150 bucks. 144821075 Now I understand why they call it a stealership. Ok, i went to pick up some fender clips at the jeep dealership. This tiny little piece of plastic, worth about half a cent, is sold for ...wait for it, .... $10.00 apiece. Total insanity. There are 11 per fender, and it makes one want to be careful when they are removing their fenders. 145108533 Front Fender trimmed view from the back. pretty nice lines 145108534 Stage II almost complete Finally got the 40's on. TG! overall drives better than expected. running Dynabeads and you can definitely tell when they start settling in. 145200871 BOR Storage Tray New addition to JK. 1" square tubing with Expanded metal built by Jewell bohannon at Bohannon Off road 48 x 27 x 5. 145581449 BOR tray bracket mounts to body rail using original holes. 145581450 BOR Tray view from left, holds at least 200 lbs. without any flex at all. 145581451 Royal Purple Transmission fluid Just switched to this stuff and it has TRULY made my transmission shift so smoothly compared to before. 148518728 Comfort has arrived! My long awaited Birthday present from Teresa finally arrived. A set of PRP Pro comp suspension seats. 148518729 Aero Transmission temp gauge roll cage pod mount 148518730 154723070 154720624 154723071 154720625 154723073 154723074 154720628 154761792 154761795 154802829 154802830 154802831 154802832 154802834 154802835 154802836 154802837 155327947 154802838 154802840 155416465 155416468 155416469 155416471 155416472 155416477 156024371 156024373 156185340 157147489 157147491 157873258 157873260 158154421 Rough Country mirrors 158154424 158154795 163128805 163128806 163129007 163632135 163632136 165816722 165816723 165816724 165816725 165816727 165816736 165816737 165816738 166404245 166404246 166404248 166404263 166404267 169335710 169335711 169335712 171505195 171505196 171505197 171505198 172406236 172408559 172408560 188121377 188121378 188121471 188121472 188121473 188121474 189656347 189656349 189656350 189656351 189656352 189820942 189820943 189820944 189820945 189820946 189820947 189820948 189820949 189820950 189820951 189820952 189820953 189820954 189845927 189845928 189845929 189845931 189847276 189847277 189847278 189847279 189847280 190368355 190368356 191068018 191068019 191243237 191243238 191261190 191416104 191416105